funk and a new necklace

fauna goldfish necklace
i’ve been in a funk this week, and haven’t had the desire to write blog posts. my lack of interest in posting may be because i had some fun posts early this week/late last week, and the drafts i have in my queue just seem so boring compared to those. and i haven’t been very creative at all this week — because i’ve been NAPPING after work. why?! geez, i am so ready for this winter to be over.

in the meantime, i’ve been doing a bit of shopping on etsy. maybe a little retail therapy will help? or give me brief, temporary joy? last night i ordered the above fauna goldfish necklace from the paraphernalia etsy shop. (does it look familiar?) it needs to travel across the pond from the uk, so it may be a while before i’m able to fully appreciate it…

ok, funk, i’ve got a lot of creative activities planned for the weekend, so you can stick around until then. but please leave by saturday morning. deal?

photo credit: paraphernalia etsy shop

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  1. jaimehotdish says:

    i was talking to a new coworker, john, a 40-something midwesterner with a thick minnesota accent, who swears by going to a tanning bed once a week in the winter to kick the funk. i mean, he’s a football-watching, beer-drinking, zubaz-wearing kind of dude. his psychiatrist recommended it. hmmm……

  2. fish says:


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