altered books @ mpls public library : jan 12 – mar 29

jennifer hibbard : missing the point
detail of missing the point
jennifer hibbard
altered book

yesterday jenn, anna, and i went to see some of the pieces at the altered books exhibition at the minneapolis public library. we focused on the 2nd floor cargill hall gallery, which features works from local and national artists. we apparently missed the atrium, where there are altered books by students from four minnesota universities. oops. there is also work in space 144 by local artists and members of we missed that, too. guess we need to go back!

jenn and i took a few photos – i wasn’t sure if that was legal, but i wanted include a photo in this post, and hope it’s ok if i give the artist full credit. the work above was my favorite piece: it was created by minnesota artist jennifer hibbard, and i’ve only shown a detail. to understand the impact of the work, it should be seen in person. (i can’t find a web site for jennifer, but did find that she is also exhibiting at the upcoming situations exhibit at mcba — a post about the show coming later this week.) there was also a wonderful piece by hawaiian artist jacqueline rush lee that reminded me of sushi rolls – fitting as we just had lunch at koyi sushi.

since we’ll be starting altered books at february’s pARTy, if you have time, go and see all the great work.

coming up: on thursday, feb 7, the friend’s of the minneapolis public library’s people’s university will be presenting “altered books: unbinding the book”, which includes a presentation by the curators, artist meet-and-greet, and reception. 6:30 – 8:30 pm, free and open to the public, but registration is required. call 612-630-6170 to make your reservation.

update: jennifer hibbard left some comments, and left us the address for her web site, glass-bound studios. yay!

3 responses to “altered books @ mpls public library : jan 12 – mar 29”

  1. Jennifer Hibbard says:

    Thank you! I have a website for the hand bound bound books I make and there is a scuplural book call “Reliquary” on the site. The piece that will be in “Situations” at MCBA is interactive and you’ll get to take a little piece of it home. Hope you like that one too. I just saw some of the work for the show when I installed today-good stuff. My favorite looked like spines of books inpressed on latex, streched and pinned to the wall. But there were no lables up yet so I can’t identify the artist or title for you.

  2. Jennifer Hibbard says:

    Ooops… My web site is

  3. junkie says:


    i’ve never done art in school or anywhere else. over the years, i’ve made my own cards and gifts. but you’ve been an absolute inspiration! it’s just great to see much happening, and so much that can be done. so thank you and keep up the great work of regular blogging. good day!