the week is almost over… i may need a drink

a drawing from my journal, dated january 2, 2007, expressing my joy at returning to work after the holiday break of 2006. it also expresses my excitement of returning after our recent holiday break. yay, work! and it expresses the frustration of losing the best project manager ever: my dear little sis, whose last day of employment where we/i work is today.

a little history: i was self-employed for 6 years, and hooked up with my current employers the last year of being on my own. they gave me a lot of work, and made noises about giving me a position full-time. i was getting worn out on the self-employment thing, and contemplated a “real job” for months. during that time, my sis and her boyfriend were planning on moving to minnesota after spending a few years in new york (and new orleans and washington dc). my soon-to-be-employers needed a project manager, my sis needed a job. she accepted the position and started a few weeks after they moved into their new house. i accepted a position 3 months later. she project managed my projects for over a year. i’m sure she’ll tell you i’m a joy to work with!

but i’ll miss seeing my sister every day. i hope she still reads my blog at her new job. sniff.

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  1. jaimehotdish says:

    aw….of course i’ll read you every day! and go out for drinks after work and meet at koyi sushi for lunch. i need to stay up-to-date on all the work gossip!

    p.s. yes, jen is a complete and utter joy to work with!

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