etsy : onegoodbumblebee

my sis and i stopped into mitrebox framing studio while doing some holiday shopping (in addition to framing, they do have a fun little store!), and i picked up an envelope of ephemera called “pile of paper” by one good bumblebee: stickers, tickets, scraps of paper, old invoices… i love it! is it cheating when you use ephemera in a collage that you didn’t find yourself? who cares! these piles of paper are so much fun to dig through.

i looked up the one good bumblebee web site on the interwebs, and learned that it’s a one-woman business run by katey in dallas, texas. the site originally sold items designed & produced by katey, but has since evolved into a shop that also sells fun and cool stuff that she finds. “one good bumblebee’s main goal is to be a home for the customers where they can shop, learn, and be inspired.” love it!

so of course, i had to check etsy to see if she has a shop there, and yes, you can buy piles of paper there, too! yay!

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