printed journal @ mcba, part ii

wine journal
my wine journal is done! last night was session 2 of 2 of the printed journal workshop at mcba. we covered book boards with the paper we pressure printed and bound the printed signatures that were created at last week’s session.

the binding process was a tad frustrating, as it was a beginner course and i don’t want to be a know-it-all, but it doesn’t take me 3 hours to bind a book. i stayed and tried not to work ahead.

i liked the first session (printing) the best. i knew this was a beginner course going into it, but i was curious about the printing part. the only printing i know how to do is block print… i talked to allison, the instructor, and she mentioned a workshop she’s teaching in january, called small printed projects. i’m going to sign up! while i love letterpress and typography, there are so many artists out there that do it so beautifully… it’s not something i have the time to focus on. so i’ll just dabble.

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