christmas cards!

christmas cards
wow. the anxiety created by the prospect of making christmas cards this year was overwhelming… as mentioned in a previous post, i’ve been sending out handmade xmas cards since college. it’s a tradition i won’t break. but the last few months have been a whirlwind… this blog, setting up the shop on etsy, creating new items for etsy, some changes in my personal life, prepping for xmas, numerous deliverables due for work in the last 2 weeks: i was in a manic state, sleeping 5-6 hours a night, constantly doing, doing, doing. but i’m starting to crash, and the creative ideas aren’t flowing as freely.

my original idea was to block print cards, as i was so happy with the coffee cup and wine bottle cards i put up on etsy. but i just couldn’t settle on a design – i’d be in love with an idea for a day, then change my mind the next. as the days drifted away, i started to freak, because if i was going to block print, i’d still need to carve (my last carving session resulted in a few nasty gouges, which did not make carving in a panicked state sound attractive), and i’m still refining my inking skills, meaning each color would need to dry at least a day. tick, tock…

monday i made a decision: let’s try an origami tree, and send it out as an ornament. i honestly felt like it was a cop-out, as i had made some small trees on sunday to put on presents, and did a post on them already, but still, it felt right. sitting at home tuesday morning waiting hours for the roto rooter guy was a blessing: i was able to finish all of them and get them into the mail, all under the guise of “working from home”. (i should be fired.)

i do like my little trees! and the best part is, i didn’t buy anything to create/send the cards, except for stamps. every tree was made from pages out of the holiday paper source catalog; the brads are from my supply box and had dual purposes: 1) to keep the tree from unfolding and 2) to act as ornaments; bookbinding thread for hanging was in my supply box; tags and envelopes were in my paper stash. so i’ve created a green card this year, merry xmas, earth! and they’re fully recyclable, dear recipients, so please recycle them once the tree comes down.

6 responses to “christmas cards!”

  1. jenn says:

    Recycle it? You’re kidding, I’m saving it for next year. Mine has a Boston Terrier and a Lab on it!!

  2. fish says:

    i had actually already picked a tree for you, and had it sealed in an envelope when i turned a page of the catalog and saw a bogey-look-alike! so ripped your envelope open, cut the paper, and tried to fold the it to get as much of the boston visible. but you ended up with more gus than bogey. good thing they’re pals!

  3. jenn says:

    I love Gus.

  4. Anna says:

    Got mine yesterday. Ugly dolls, love it! Seth liked it too, as he just had to show his papa when he got home.

  5. monica says:

    gorgeous. and genius.

  6. Jen C. says:

    Wow, I couldn’t have described my own situation any better. Same deal, and this year I was going to print (or have the kids print) simple designs on kraft paper and adhere them to cut-out recycled cardboard….but I’m not getting anywhere on that front & am REALLY diggin’ the tree thing! So would you mind if I borrowed your idea & sent out origami trees this year? (Not that we know any of the same people or anything…) I think you’re brilliant!

    (Also, taking the time to peruse your older posts and finding a wealth of inspiration…so thanks a bunch for sharing your creativity!)

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