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road trip

Monday, March 16th, 2015

she's so thoughtful!
chandler (drawn the road again) recently went on a 4000+ mile road trip, and sent me postcards along the way. yay! now she has me wanting to hit the road…

stephanie levy’s advent calendar

Friday, December 13th, 2013

santa shakers
today i’m day 13 of stephanie levy’s advent calendar. see it here.

also, check out stephanie’s new website. she launched it last week and i LOVE the big photographs of her berlin. she’s selling prints of them!

last minute handmade gift market is tomorrow!

postcards from jackie

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

love the pops of pink!
a few weeks ago i got these lovely postcards from jackie. she had her photos turned into postcards at walmart — it was easy! i wish more people would make their own postcards of their awesome photos. moo, vistaprints, snapfish, and shutterfly also offer postcard prints… it’s so easy and they are fun to send!

artsyville washi tape!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

aimee doodled, found a tape maker in china, navigated 2 language barriers (chinese and printer-ese) to learn the intricacies of the printing process, watched the cargo ship carrying the printed tape make its way from china to new jersey, and waited for customs to release the awesomeness above.

i’m sure there are easier ways to make washi tape, but knowing steps aimee went through to make her vision come to life makes the artsyville washi tape even more sweet.


Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

happy mail from finland
happy mail from finland
last weekend a little package arrived from finland: kaija sent me a few screen printed note cards and little books for leaving a comment on her blog… i’ve been a big fan of hers for years… her handmade books are so beautiful. if you’ve never seen them you must go look at her etsy shop right now.

amsterdam zuid

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

still not sure where to hang it...
this is the painting by gineke zikken i brought home from amsterdam. titled amsterdam zuid, it’s a scene from amsterdam south. i loved the hints of orange and the construction crane.

lisa daria’s a painting a day

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

lisa daria : 1209
lisa daria : 1435
lisa daria : 1420
lisa daria : 1395
lisa daria : 1320
lisa daria paints a painting a day, and i hope she never stops because it is such a treat to see new work daily. so far i’ve resisted clicking the “click here to purchase” link but i know i won’t be able to resist for long…

all photos by lisa daria

sonya’s studio

Monday, March 4th, 2013

sonya's studio!
dresses from 100 acts of sewing

sonya's studio!
sonya cutting linen

sonya's studio!
sea urchin

sonya's studio!
bicycle lace

sonya's studio!
ordinary objects and wax quilt

sonya's studio!
my ordinary object

when i was in san francisco, i met sonya philip at her studio late one morning and she gave me the full tour while we noshed on pastries from tartine bakery. while i have the super-awesome honor of having dress #36 of 100 acts of sewing, it was really wonderful to see her other work in person. i’ve been following her work for a while and many of the pieces were familiar to me from her online presence, but they are much better in real life.

before we left the studio to visit heath ceramics (and not one, but two heath retail spaces), sonya gave me the ordinary object she created using an unfinished pack of my birth control pills. i believe the impetus of the piece was a conversation about women’s rights and birth control that sonya and i had in her car when i was in san francisco last year. the respect and admiration i have of sonya as a woman and artist is huge, and that she gave the piece… it’s hard to put in words. maybe it’s that i’ve somehow done a good job of surrounding myself with strong, creative, nurturing, amazing women — women my mom would have been drawn to — and that i might be able to categorize myself as the same. that’s what the piece in my hand says to me.

new nightly ritual

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

gerhard richter painting
gerhard richter painting
gerhard richter painting
gerhard richter painting
gerhard richter painting
gerhard richter painting
i’ve been watching 15-20 minute chunks of gerhard richter painting before bed (while in bed) for the last 3 nights. i am fascinated with his work, his process.

i’m hoping to spend more time in bed with other documentaries over the next 4 days. have a great thanksgiving, see you next week!

one of a hundred

Monday, July 9th, 2012

from the wonderful lori portka!
on saturday i received the above painting from artist lori portka, which is one of a hundred she painted for her a hundred thank-yous gratitude project.

i met lori in october 2010, when a bunch of us spent a weekend up north outside of duluth, minnesota. she makes the best grilled cheese, and is so beautiful inside and out. i’m so grateful to have played a small part of her project.

thank you, lori, and happy birthday!


Friday, June 22nd, 2012

don't mind me, pay attention to the dress!
this is dress #36 of sonya philip‘s 100 acts of sewing.

dress #36 arrived a few days ago, and it is already my favorite summer dress.

dress detail
i will admit that i had a little influence on #36: sonya pinned a dress that i fell in love with, and i followed the pin’s source and was able to find the japanese sewing book the dress pattern was in. and of course i ordered the book, despite the fact that i do not sew. but i figured that if i ever learned, the dress would be my first project.

when i got together with sonya in san fransisco in february, i admitted to her that i had tracked down the book. and at that moment, i knew i needed to send the book to her. not because i thought she should make me a dress, but 100 acts of sewing was becoming a reality, and if she wanted to make the dress that she had pinned and loved, then she should have the book.

my garage looks so pretty here!
in april, i made her a book to document 100 acts of sewing. (i’m not sure the trade was entirely fair… i think i got the better deal!)

#36 is based on the pattern she and i loved, and is made with black linen. there’s floral fabric (which is very reminiscent of chiyogami paper!) inside the collar, sleeve, and pockets. it buttons up the back, which i neglected to photograph… sonya used different colored buttons: red, purple, turquoise, and grey-blue. this dress is so fabulous all around, and i could never find its equal in a store.

so, so awesome
i am so full of gratitude and dang, it looks pretty good on me, too. thank you sonya!
balls out 2012!

happy weekend!

small works for change

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

small works for change
my latest acquisition: a paper and gouche collage from small works for change. artists donate their work to small works, and your $25 art purchase goes to a charity of the artist’s choice. it’s only when you purchase your piece will you learn the artist’s identity and their chosen charity. i love this project: really great art for $25 that can make a difference. go, now, and peruse the works!


Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

i made a big book for sonya‘s 100 acts of sewing project.

sonya picked out the book cloth from my sample book when i was in san francisco last february. she requested the book lie flat, and at its size, (11 inches by 17 inches) spiral binding was the best option. i had hoped to use a card stock/cover weight paper inside, but at 100 pages, it got too thick for my little binding machine (and i just could not turn it over to a stranger at a copy shop). so instead, i used the heaviest text weight paper i could find, which is a good thickness at 80 lb, and bound it myself. my binding machine never closes the coils in a perfect circle, and i went through a couple of coils before i gave up and accepted the wonky spots.

i punched “100″ into the cover, all the way through, including the inside end paper (which i usually don’t do), and i love that when the book is closed it’s not easy to see the “100″ but when you begin to open it, the design becomes apparent as light comes through the holes.

444 avenue of the americas

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

new york by gineke zikken

before i left for new york, i emailed dutch painter gineke zikken to see if she remembered the exact location of the new york painting i brought home with me from amsterdam last year (above). her response was no, she didn’t remember, but she’d ask her partner henk if he remembered or if he could figure it out from photos they took. within 30 minutes, she wrote back that henk had found it: 444 avenue of the americas.

it was the first thing i looked for when i got to new york last wednesday. (thanks, henk!)

444 avenue of the americas

the crazy thing? it’s just 6 quick blocks from the jane hotel in the west village, where i’ve stayed for my last 4 or so trips to new york. and even crazier? realizing that i had met a friend for dinner at the cafe on the corner (off to the left, out of scene) last october. i had walked down the block to meet her, completely unaware that i had walked into my painting!

goodies from carina!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

orange chairs painted by carina
i received an unexpected package last week from the lovely carina. within: a small canvas painting of one of my favorite vintage chair polaroids! i love the orange and the chairs, and the tiny pops of green… and ooooohhhh you, carina, i wish i could paint like you!

brooch made by carina
she also sent me a felt brooch of the fish i use in my new logo, and i’m going to wear it to every craft fair/show that i participate in, starting with may’s craftstravaganza! i love it. thank you, carina!

apple cyder

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

made by molly!
it’s hard to believe that it was exactly one week ago that i met molly and we walked and walked the streets of boston. when i was back home on saturday a package arrived, and within, a piece made by molly. she says it’s to be used in the kitchen, but my hot pads and trivets are so badly abused that i would never subject something this pretty to the same treatment. i’ve already hung it on the wall, far from food splatters.

meeting mimi

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

i first heard of mimi kirchner through kristin. as an adult, i didn’t really have any interest in dolls. but it was kristin’s descriptions of mimi’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness in her work that made me realize that mimi was an artist, not just a doll maker, and i needed to pay attention to what she was making. i started to appreciate the little details (the girl fox with cashmere sweater and liberty of london skirt! the orange kitty girl with wool shawl and felt purse!). i thought about adding one of her more elaborate pieces to my home, but how would i chose? (i did buy one of her fish pillows a little over a year ago, which shouldn’t be a surprise.)

on monday night, i tweeted about being in waltham, massachusetts, and mimi tweeted back right away: i am very close to waltham- if you end up in arlington, come visit! really! really? i looked up arlington, and it was 9 miles away from my hotel, so i decided to take her up on her offer, even though we know very little about each other (mostly that we both know kristin).

i drove to her home after work on tuesday evening, and she welcomed me in. immediately i was in the presence of her amazing work: kitties, foxes, fish, tattooed men and women, ready to be listed and ready to ship.

dolls listed and ready!

dolls listed and ready!

and then she took me upstairs to her studio, which was full of creative goodness: little bits of inspiration, lots of fabric, a sketchbook for color studies, a flat file with drawers of buttons and embroidery thread, and lots and lots of dolls in various states. it was delicious.

mimi's studio

mimi's studio

i love seeing where people do their creative work, and the inspiration they surround themselves with.

mimi's studio

before we left for dinner i took a photo of these lovely ladies, who had been photographed by mimi but weren’t yet listed in her etsy shop:

tattooed ladies

we walked into town and we both ate paneer dishes at a really great indian restaurant, and talked about creating and meeting other creatives. i just dig being in the presence of smart & crafty women, and could have sat with mimi all night. but it had been a long day for me, and after dinner i made my way back to the hotel.

as i was driving back, i thought about her tattooed ladies. i knew i really wanted one, but how in the world would i chose? and then it came to me:

orange shorts.

the next morning at work i stalked her etsy shop for hours, waiting to see if the lady with the orange shorts would be listed. and then mimi posted about miss orange shorts on her blog and wrote that she was the last of the tattooed ladies for now. yup, that sealed the deal. and a few minutes later, miss orange shorts popped up in mimi’s etsy shop, and i snapped her up before anyone else could.

the last of the tattooed ladies, miss orange shorts

miss orange shorts arrived on saturday, and she’s hanging on the wall of my dining room/studio, looking over my shoulder as i type this.

and it’s all because of a silly tweet about sushi in waltham, ma. (and because of kristin!)

photo credit: all photos taken with my phone, with the exception of the last photo, which was taken by mimi kirchner

scenes from last minute handmade

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

we did it! we pulled off a last minute handmade gift market at the modern times cafe! it came together despite a job change, a delayed flight from the UK the day before, grading architecture portfolios, late-late-late nights of baking and dying and firing and making, and all the other craziness that swirls around us this time of year. bravo, martha, eireann, cynthia, and julia!

tia setting up her wonderful colors and shapes

eireann‘s festive table (the addition of little lights set the mood)

julia made granola, hot cocoa mix, holiday bread, lip balms, and sewn goods

dylan temte (a modern times cafe co-owner) and his daughter dakota sold colorful drawings

annika kaplan puts together a really great display

cookies, clementines, and three-buck chuck: we know how to throw a party

my table

jewelry artist (and modern times cafe co-owner) emily temte‘s earrings & necklaces

cynthia brought birds and segments, but also made plates, cups, coasters, & necklaces

martha‘s many beautiful scarves

betty jager also puts on an amazing display

full house!

about halfway thru, at 7:30pm, i looked around the room and marveled at the crowd and the amazing work (yes, i spent more than i made, which was the plan all along)… and then i looked at my fellow co-organizers and saw the exhaustion on their faces. at least we were equally spent? and despite how tired we were, and how thankful we are to have it done and behind us, i’m sure a message will appear in early november next fall, saying “hey, anyone wanna put together…”

and we’ll probably all say “yes!”.

giveaway : patricia kaegi weiss’s 2012 calendar

Monday, December 19th, 2011

patricia's calendar

patricia's calendar

patricia's calendar

getting a calendar with illustrations by patricia (owner of red bow studio) is becoming a yearly tradition. and i have to say, i think 2012′s calendar is patricia’s best! i love the paintings she’s made of her little long island town, sea cliff. and i recognize some of her family members in the paintings, which is a treat.

patricia sent me 2 calendars this year, and i’m giving one away! to enter, leave a comment with what you’re looking forward to the most in 2012. you have until midnight, friday december 23 to enter. one comment per person, please. and if you’d like to buy a calendar, patricia has them in her etsy shop!

locals! last minute handmade gift market is tonight! 5-9pm, modern times cafe, 3200 chicago ave south.

update: the giveaway is officially closed! the winner is comment #3!

favorite 2012 calendars

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

despite the proliferation of electronic gadgets at my disposal, the calendar on the side of my fridge is the center of operations. it must be able to accommodate up to at least 4 written entries per day, and i am generally not too picky about the calendar’s theme as its purpose is to record the important stuff and that’s it.* being that i have a hard time remembering what day it is, having more than one calendar around the house is needed, and that’s where the pretty ones come in. here are some of my favorites so far for 2012:

etsy : satsuma press : 2012 calendar
letterpress love: lynn russell of satsuma press creates clean & simple designs that i want to touch. her 2012 calendar is gorgeous. photo credit: satsuma press esty shop

etsy : xoazuree : 2012 polaroid calendar
i’ve gotten to “know” azuree over the last few months, and her enthusiasm and energy for instant film is infectious! in a good way! her 2012 polaroid calendar makes me happy. photo credit: xoazuree etsy shop

etsy : leah duncan : 2012 12 month calendar
the color palette and shapes of leah duncan‘s 2012 12 month calendar pretty much rock my world. the gold paired with pink and navy blue is so yummy! photo credit: leah duncan’s etsy shop

big cartel : flora douville : 2012 calendar - happy shapes
flora douville‘s happy shapes calendar displays her wonderful watercolor paintings. and i love her handwriting. photo credit: flora douville’s shop

etsy : lisa rupp design : 2012 floral calendar
lisa rupp‘s 2012 floral calendar brings a reminder of spring to any wall! photo credit: lisa rupp design etsy shop

*if an event or appointment is going on my calendar, it doesn’t count unless it is physically written on the calendar on the side of the fridge. seriously. i cannot deal with electronic calendars. any time i’m away from home making an appointment, i inevitably book the appointment on a day/time that is already spoken for. old habits die hard, so i still make appointments knowing that i’ll probably need to call and rebook once i get home and check the calendar on the side of the fridge. i also do not have a microwave.