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etsy : ovo ceramics

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

etsy : ovo ceramics
19 “union square” by ovo ceramics.

photo credit: ovo ceramics


Thursday, December 12th, 2013

3 years ago i took the tiny silver hoops out of my ears and stopped wearing earrings. even when i was wearing the little hoops, anything bigger made me feel too decorated, like a christmas tree. but when i was in san francisco last month, i found these earrings at little paper planes:

wish i had asked who made this pair

i had to have them.

then a few weeks later i was visiting betty jäger at her studio, and i left with these:

thought i'd feel like a hippie wearing these, but i don't -- love wearing them

i had to wear posts for a solid week to get my earlobes back into the groove. and now i want more! more earrings, santa!

purge post 3 : necklaces

Friday, August 9th, 2013

i’m purging jewelry… i purchased each of the necklaces below directly from the maker (via etsy or in person). i’ve had them for years, and i still like all of them very much, but newer pieces are in heavy rotation. i hope they’ll find their way into someone else’s jewelry box! the listed prices are 50% of the original price paid.

SOLD! color bar pendant in lichen (length is 18 inches), from jaime jo fisher: $40 plus $2 domestic shipping

SOLD! clay pendant + chain (length is 16 inches), from kmne: $5 plus $2 domestic shipping

wood pendant + chain (length is 16 inches), from potpouri: $12 plus $2 domestic shipping

materia prima b / evolution – mustard addicted (length is 26 inches), from studio fludd: $15 plus $2 shipping

SOLD! knot (length is 22 inches), from yellowgrey: $24 plus $2 domestic shipping

necklace (length is 19 inches), i believe made by jaime olesen: $10 plus $2 domestic shipping

scale necklace (length is 36 inches), from laura lombardi jewelry: $29 plus $2 domestic shipping

avocado green single pendant (length is 16 inches), from jaime jo fisher: $135 plus $2 domestic shipping

international shipping is available!

email me at jen at paintedfishstudio dot com if you’re interested in any of the above.


Thursday, July 7th, 2011

my nugget, my neck
my dad gave me this necklace long ago. i used to think it was the ugliest thing ever, and i never wore it. it reminded me of gold tinfoil.

i recently dug it out of a little box of keepsakes… and now i’m seeing it in a new light… and have been wearing it almost daily.

the nugget is from a gold mine in alaska that my dad and his brother owned in the 80′s. true story!

etsy : rachel pfeffer designs

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

etsy : rachel pfeffer designs : hot dog
it has been unseasonably warm here… 80′s during the day, a nice 10 degrees higher than normal for september. and i love it! but i think my dogs are ready for cooler walking weather. and i think they’re getting tired of me asking them “are you guys hot? dogs?”.

which brings me to rachel pfeffer designs: this hot dog necklace has me grinning.

photo credit: rachel pfeffer designs etsy shop 

.silvercocoon. trunk show

Friday, September 11th, 2009

silvercocoon trunk show
yesterday after work i stopped at the .silvercocoon. trunk show preview party. i’m a big fan of .silvercocoon. jewelry, and its designer tia salmela keobounpheng is so sweet and such a joy! her most recent project is a collaboration on a catalog/photography book with local photographer paige dewees. there was a copy of the catalog at the show, and it really is more than just a catalog: it’s a wonderful representation of real women, photographed in real environments, wearing amazing jewelry. tia explains it so much better on her blog… and i think it’s going to be added to my library.

me with a new silvercocoon necklace

being that yesterday was my 9 week anniversary as a non-smoker, i treated myself to a .silvercocoon. bunch necklace. it matches my hollow_jumbo earrings, which i bought this spring.

the actual trunk show is this saturday, september 12, from 11 to 5, at danish teak classics in the northrup king building. go! and if you can’t go, there are goods in her etsy shop (and click around the links in this post, there’s so much to see).

and i can’t resist showing you this chair that i drooled over at the party:

chair at danish teak classics

it’s totally out of my price range, but oh-so-fabulous.

happy weekend!


Thursday, August 13th, 2009

avocado green single pendant by jaime jo fisher
i quit smoking.

before you clap and cheer, know that it has only been 35 days. and i had pharmaceutical help. and i’ve promised myself that if i make it to my 70th year, i can pick it back up (assuming cigarettes still exist in 35 years. oh lord, please say they will.)

as a reward, i’ve taken the money i would have spent on my habit and put it towards this avocado green single pendant necklace by jaime jo fisher. and if i make it another 35 days, i may just buy myself another necklace!

jaime jo also has an etsy shop… careful, you may become addicted…

etsy : asp specialty products

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

orange pendant from asp specialty products
last week i had the pleasure of meeting local jewelry designer jill of asp specialty products. my friend jenn had jill over to display and sell some of her jewelry for us girls over glasses of wine. i fell in love with the orange pendant pictured above, made with aluminum and resin, and brought it home. in addition to her website, she also sells in her shop on etsy. treat yourself for the holidays!


a few more goodies for tuesday:

uniform studio’s children’s holiday collection will be available in the uniform studio etsy shop today, at 2pm central time.

my wonderful friend ayama is celebrating her 1-year blog anniversary with a giveaway. check it out!

etsy : timothy adam designs

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

orange : timothy adam designs
i heart orange. from etsy seller timothy adam designs.

photo credit: timothy adam designs etsy shop

etsy : silvercocoon

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

etsy : silvercocoon : PAPYRUS-redgloss/cherry
tia, of etsy shop silvercocoon, has been on the knitting group email recipient list since martha started getting us together last spring. i’ve been itching to meet her, but sigh, she hasn’t joined us for knitting yet. i do love her necklaces, though, and may treat myself for keeping some sense of sanity while my day job kicks my ass for one more week.

photo credit: silvercocoon etsy shop

etsy : orange peel enamel

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

etsy : orange peel enamel : iconic modern -- necklace, enamel on copper
everyone needs at least one big, bold necklace. i’ve been admiring orange peel enamel’s pendants for a few months, and really must get one for myself. dang! the pendant pictured above sold yesterday, but she has more chair pendants available. and funky rings!

photo credit: orange peel enamel etsy shop

etsy : april kawaoka

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

etsy : aprilkawaoka : quietly grown
warm weather, short sleeves, white wine, summer dresses… april‘s quietly grown necklace is perfect for this time of year. i also love her grown hooped earrings.

photo credit: april kawaoka etsy shop

esty : susyluxe*

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

etsy : susyluxe* : valla earring

so my little sis is getting married this saturday. yay! before i even knew what i was wearing for the big day, i ordered the above valla earrings for the occasion from the susyluxe* shop. i normally don’t wear big earrings, but these were too cool to pass up. and they’re really light, considering the size.

susy has lots of great earrings in her susyluxe* shop, but also check out her fabulous paper goods at her susyjack* shop!

photo credit: susyluxe* etsy shop

funk and a new necklace

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

fauna goldfish necklace
i’ve been in a funk this week, and haven’t had the desire to write blog posts. my lack of interest in posting may be because i had some fun posts early this week/late last week, and the drafts i have in my queue just seem so boring compared to those. and i haven’t been very creative at all this week — because i’ve been NAPPING after work. why?! geez, i am so ready for this winter to be over.

in the meantime, i’ve been doing a bit of shopping on etsy. maybe a little retail therapy will help? or give me brief, temporary joy? last night i ordered the above fauna goldfish necklace from the paraphernalia etsy shop. (does it look familiar?) it needs to travel across the pond from the uk, so it may be a while before i’m able to fully appreciate it…

ok, funk, i’ve got a lot of creative activities planned for the weekend, so you can stick around until then. but please leave by saturday morning. deal?

photo credit: paraphernalia etsy shop


Monday, January 14th, 2008

ring by jaime jo fisher
gallery360 is my favorite place in the twin cities right now. i decided to check it out on saturday afternoon, after hearing about it for a few months. wow. this is the place i’ve wanted to open for years: a shop with unique handmade goods (mostly made locally) and a gallery towards the back of the store. looks like i was beaten to it. sniff.

i talked to the owner, merry beck, for quite a while. she scouts out artists at local and national shows (local artists include jennifer davis and sabrina from green lantern glass), and while she has a great eye for work that is high quality, she prefers work that reuses existing materials. she also tries to avoid trends: i commented to her that i didn’t see a single item with an owl

etsy : green lantern glass

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

etsy : green lantern glass
this week’s etsy find is local: green lantern glass was at craft-o-rama, and had great pendants. the red poppy glass necklace pictured above would make a great stocking stuffer!

photo credit: green lantern glass etsy shop

etsy : jaime jo fisher

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

jaime jo : jewelry

the first time i saw jaime jo fisher’s jewelry was at the uptown art fair in 2006. it was so beautiful, so unique. but not within my budget. i couldn’t justify the cost at the time. so i picked up her business card, and would look up her web site from time to time, to dream about the pieces i’d buy if i didn’t have a wine habit/mortgage/car payment/dogs to feed. from her artist statement:

“while my work falls in the category of jewelry i prefer to think of these pieces as wearable collages.”

jaime jo has a shop on etsy, which i now check weekly for new pieces. i may need to start cutting down on the wine, to save money for when she creates that piece i can’t live without. larger image after the jump…

photo credit: jaime jo fisher


etsy : bellaceti

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

sweetheart bracelet
i came across the bellaceti web site a few months ago. i can’t remember how i found it, but i bookmarked the site and revisit it occasionally to salivate over her jewelry.

in addition to selling on the bellaceti web site, the jewelry is also available on etsy.

photo credit: bellaceti

new necklace

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Spoon link necklace, Tibetan pendant
i’m getting lots of compliments today on my new necklace, made by my friend pat! she sells locally at the bibelot shops, galleries, and online at