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Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

the box + hannah
i bought a new kitchen stool, and it was delivered in a big cardboard box. i HAD to make a playhouse out of it. i finally got a chance to do it last saturday night.

she gave me a lot of instruction as she worked
my niece helped “cut” a few windows with the flat-blade screwdriver end of my swiss army knife, and she gave me color direction (purple door, red roof).

i think it's pretty cool, even if she doesn't
i stayed up past midnight painting it, and she was somewhat impressed with it when she woke up sunday morning but she was more interested in walking the dog and having bunny & goldfish crackers for breakfast.

my house still smells like damp cardboard.

happy holidays

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

not bad for not having much time to think about them...
popping in to wish everyone happy holidays!

i was somehow able to find time to make holiday cards this year, and as always, the triangle tree was my inspiration (past triangle tree holiday cards: 2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008). this year i decided to use up materials in the studio instead of buying new paper. the offwhite is a folded card cut at an angle so it still opens, and the green triangles are glued to the front. and yes, i have a thing for chartreuse green.

see you all in the new year!

willow house holiday craft fair

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

willow house fourth annual holiday fair
this friday is the willow house fourth annual holiday craft fair, and kristin has invited me to participate! i’ll have a table set up with my books and cards. there will also be children’s apparel, bags, pillows, ornaments, pottery, jewelry, toys, cowls, and more! swing by and say hi, and get a little more xmas shopping done! there will be wine and cookies, too…

friday, december 5
3:00 – 8:00pm

willow house preschool
5617 24th avenue south
minneapolis, mn 55417

i have a new etsy shop! introducing 041374

Monday, November 24th, 2014

i love these houses.
i opened a new etsy shop! i needed a place to offer the extra houses i made for jackie’s tiny house swap. they didn’t fit into my painted fish studio shop — they are too collage-y. my painted fish studio shop feels more design-y than collage-y. so, i opened 041374.

i created the shop in june… these days with school, it’s hard to finish what i start. i honestly can’t remember how i decided to name the shop after my birth date, but i think it works. i’m really happy with the logo/identity for the shop: i’ll try to post about it soon. in the meantime, have a look!

little book of bookmaking

Monday, October 6th, 2014

charlotte rivers has a new book out, little book of bookmaking, and i’m in it! yay! charlotte’s last book, i heart stationary, also featured some of my punched work. what an honor to have been asked again!

little book of bookmaking

little book of bookmaking

speaking of punched work, over the weekend i punched a bunch of cards for the first time in months, and gave myself i giant blister in the palm of my hand. ouch. guess i lost that callus…


Monday, July 28th, 2014

i took these polaroids last summer with impossible project film. they are close-ups of cargo containers (i had to trespass for a few of the shots). i still don’t know what to do with them. i’ve considered framing them, but i can’t decide on the layout, or if they should be separate or one big thing. i’ve also considered tying them in with a set of collages i started last year, but i don’t know if i’ll ever get around to finishing them… so i decided to share here. ideas are welcome.

book bound

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

ben & jaime
ben & jaime
ben & jaime
i finally bound this book for my brother and his wife. it took me a year. everything was ready, all i needed to do was punch holes and bind. a year. oy.

it contains all the photos i took with my fuji instax camera at their wedding on july 4, 2013. all but one photo was shot in landscape format, so orientation of the book is landscape. i found almost all the necessary letters for the cover in my craft stash, but needed to use a “v” for an “a.”

it took me a while to remember how to bind in the coptic style, which is crazy, since there was a time i could bind 5 books in an evening. i sometimes miss those production nights.


Friday, May 9th, 2014

my favorite ones
i’ve been wanting to put my work on moleskine cahier journals for a while, and last weekend i made a bunch of art history houses (that’s what i’m calling them now) on paper. they look pretty good, but i’m not feeling the OH MY GOD I MADE SOMETHING I LOVE feeling i got when i made the wood version.

so, i’ll wait a bit, see if they grow on me. if they do, they’ll end up in my etsy shop. if they don’t end up there, guess what you’re getting for christmas?

i made stuff!

Friday, April 11th, 2014

last saturday night i finally made stuff! i finally made houses for the tiny houses swap. the idea formed in february, but the right night to make them was elusive. saturday afternoon i started cutting the shapes from an aspen board, by hand, with my hacksaw and mitre box, and lightly sanded the edges. my niece came over and we played and read books, and when she went to bed i poured a glass of wine and got started.

for the surface, i used the scraps of art history text pages left over from this paper house project. there’s a little picasso, matisse, klee, miro… i cut each piece with a razor blade and glued it down and once i started i couldn’t stop. i even went down to the basement to cut more houses. at 2:00 am, i had 20 houses, and i decided i’d better stop since my niece is an early riser (6:30am!). i am soooo happy with them! and i want to make more! maybe there will be a saturday in may…

weekly habit on instagram

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

i've had worse habits...
it’s week 11 of my weekly habit. here are the last 10. do you follow me on instagram?

NEW! east berlin polaroid magnets

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

east berlin polaroid magnets
it’s been a while since i’ve added something new to my etsy shop, so i’m really excited about my newest set of polaroid magnets: east berlin! all photos in this set where taken by me between december 27, 2013 and january 3, 2014 in east berlin. this is my first set using only impossible project film, and i couldn’t be happier with the results! if you have a love for berlin, you can find them in my etsy shop here.

more orange chairs

Friday, February 21st, 2014

orange chairs. that's all.
50th & xerxes
edina mn
october 26, 2013
impossible project px 680 color protection

do i sacrifice composition because all i want is the subject? of course. is getting great color & contrast with instant film tricky? hell yes! i know my photos aren’t always amazing. i don’t always have time to consider the perfect composition, and with the expense of instant film, i’m hesitant to take numerous shots in order to get the perfect photo. i’ve never claimed to be a professional or talented photographer — i love taking instant photos, and sometimes they are pretty good, and sometimes they suck. i try not to share the photos that suck, but instant photography is something i love, so i’m going to keep taking photos with my polaroid cameras, and i may share terrible photos. it keeps me from sitting glossy-eyed, mouth open, in front of the boob tube in my spare time, and it gives me something to do outside of long work days (now topped with school work). yes, this photograph is sub-par, but i stumbled upon the orange chairs on a sidewalk on a fall day, and i love orange chairs, and fall is pretty cool too, so i’m posting it. (i’m a little on the defensive after finding some harsh criticism about my photography. i’m pretty much over it, and i’m gonna move on. i think. not fishing for compliments, just need to put it out there so it’s said. i’ve closed the comments for this post.)

holiday cards 2013

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

don't know why i put a clementine there
the triangle tree, again! (see 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008 holiday cards)

i designed a simple triangle tree template with holes of 6 different sizes. i punched the holes with my book drill & paired the cards with chartreuse envelopes.

driftwood tree

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

in last spring’s purge, i came across my collection of driftwood from lake superior, and found i had the perfect sizes of driftwood to make a tree. i remembered seeing a driftwood xmas tree online, so i saved the pieces to make my own. thanksgiving weekend i painted an old ruler gold and glued the pieces down:

driftwood tree stick thingy
and ugh, i hated the result. it just wasn’t right. then a week or so later, i saw a mobile online. it had nothing to do with trees or driftwood (i think it was something like linen bows?) and i realized that i needed to pull the driftwood off the ruler and make a mobile:

driftwood tree mobile thingy
that’s much better (but a pain to photograph).

driftwood tree mobile thingy
driftwood tree mobile thingy
i had to glue on a few lake stones to get the pieces to balance. they don’t really hit each other, but with the right breeze they make a great sound. and it really isn’t that christmas-y, so it can stay up year-round.

new! vintage christmas polaroid cards

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

last weekend it occurred to me that polaroids of vintage christmas items from december 2011 may be fun as holiday cards. so i rescanned them, arranged layouts, and printed a couple of each polaroid, then put them in my etsy shop. even if they aren’t popular, revisiting my favorite christmas decorations makes me happy.

paper houses

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

miro and klee
miro and klee
miro and klee
a few fridays ago, i met the east side girls for a craft night, and we made paper houses. rachel found the templates we used, and i created my houses with pages from an old art history text book.

new collages

Friday, October 4th, 2013

love the thin slice of typography
i had a creative burst of energy at the end of july, and i started working on a series of collages. i was up late on a saturday night, moving pieces of paper around, and i had to force myself to stop at 2 am. i finished 9 that night, 7 more are arranged but not glued down, and i’d like to design 4 more for a total of 20. and then what? i don’t know.

the collage above is my favorite so far. and while i didn’t think it’d take me so long to get back to them, i’m not going to force myself… i will wait for another creative burst of energy.


Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

my first book binding class was during my senior year of college, and in addition to learning different binding techniques, we also learned how to make double-tray clamshell boxes. we made our boxes following the library of congress instructions, boxes for the protection of books.

as the end of the year neared, our instructor told us our final project should be a portfolio of some sort, something to hold work we’ve created. i decided to make a giant clamshell box. dimensions:18 x 14-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches.

it took me a full weekend to make, and it was all i did that weekend. i remember sitting on the floor of my tiny apartment in loring park, surrounded by pieces of book board, carefully cutting and measuring, gluing boards together (the tray walls of the clamshell are 2 boards thick), pressing the boards and waiting for them to dry, covering every piece with paper, and all the while keeping track of the paper and board grain to reduce tension that could cause my box to pull apart after a few years.

when i brought it in to class on the day our portfolios were due, my instructor’s eyes widened a bit when she saw my clamshell. apparently i had taken the project too literally, and she was expecting simple folios. i had gone much farther with the project than expected. but it didn’t bother me that i had probably worked harder than anyone else in the class. while creating my portfollio was an intense and complex and nerve-wracking process, i had loved every minute of it.

it’s been stored in the back of a closet for over 15 years, and hasn’t been treated well. it’s dirty, has a little water damage, has been banged around… and when i pulled it out recently the weight of the project boards within it were just too much for the hinges and the top separated from the bottom. i’ve said my goodbyes.


st. louis 2013

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

obligatory arch photo
sorta lazy but it works
all 3!
the physical entries
clogged arteries on a bun
a partner in crime
i do remember this was very delicious
i’ll break my trip down to 4 categories:

the arch
i stayed in a hotel across the street from the arch, and i had an amazing view from my window. it was there greeting me in the morning, and the last thing i saw outside in the evening. it’s really a beautiful structure, and i loved being able to spot it from miles away.

gallery 618
when i got to the opening of instant @ gallery 618 friday evening i immediately saw my orange vw bug photo on the wall. eeeee! it was so amazing! and then i continued walking through the gallery and recognized another photo, then another: really?! my photo of m’haha (minnehaha) cleaners and my photo of a clicquot club advertisement were also chosen. i couldn’t believe it. i stood there for a few minutes soaking it in. it was so… wow. wow.

excessive eating/drinking
beer beer beer beer beer. it was the tail end of craft beer week, and i definitely made sure i had my fill of craft beer. pre-gallery-opening beer? yes. beer before noon with clogged arteries on a bun at quincy street bistro? yes. beer before you get on the metro to meet your friends for beer on the other side of town? yes. beer with your really lovely dish of chanterelles and asparagus at syndey street cafe? yes. beer before noon again? yikes. and i plan to do it all over again next year.

fab friends
a huge thank you to the wonderful krissy, who made sure i saw, ate, and drank the best st. louis has to offer. krissy introduced me to some of her friends, including jude, who was absolutely lovely and fabulous. and the amazing jackie was in town with her boys: i whisked her away for an evening for some blubbering and beer. (not my finest hour, jackie! i’ll make it up to you.)

i’m still recovering 3 days later, which is the sign of a great weekend.


Monday, July 29th, 2013

last monday i found an email in my spam folder, sent to me 2 days prior, with a subject line of “polaroid film.” the sender mentioned she saw my work in uppercase magazine, and she asked a question about which film to use with her daylab*… my heart skipped a beat at the uppercase mention — really? having my work mentioned in uppercase is a dream of mine! and then i started kicking myself for letting my subscription lapse.** dammit! and i had just seen a pile of uppercase issue 18 at two hands paperie in boulder, colorado, the day before. why didn’t i flip through one? arrrgggg!

and then i realized there was a good chance she had seen a “peep” i had put in a previous issue, promoting my chairs book. and i settled down. it was a peep, it had to be. i answered her film question, but couldn’t help ask which issue she found me in.

the next day the stranger responded. it wasn’t in the peep — she saw my work on page 13 of the latest issue! omg! i couldn’t think of local retailers that carried it, so i decided to renew my subscription to get my hands on a copy. last friday issue 18 arrived. and there i am, page 13, my chair polaroid cards included in a feature about chairs. wow. wow. wow.

i had no idea i’d be in the magazine, and seeing my work there was the creative pick-me-up that i really needed. i spent the weekend doing the types of creative things i haven’t done in months. it feels so amazing. and i’m never letting my subscription lapse again.

*my daylab is still for sale!
**it was really hard to let the subscription lapse and to find a new home for the back issues