new york april 2014

posted April 23rd, 2014

howard beach station
59th street bridge from roosevelt island
roosevelt island
empire state building
high line
chrystler building
easter bonnet parade
madison square park
union square
west village
west village
i was in manhattan last weekend for 4 days, and it was exactly what i needed to recharge.

etsy : vitrifiedstudio

posted April 22nd, 2014

etsy : vitrifiedstudio : white corked cellar - porcelain lidded container
white corked cellar – porcelain lidded container.

photo credit: vitrifiedstudio etsy shop

charles avenue

posted April 21st, 2014

i love boston
morning run with polaroid camera (it was a short trip for work)
boston ma
march 28, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras


posted April 18th, 2014

LOVE this shot
outside a flower shop
portland or
march 24, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras

orange volvo

posted April 17th, 2014

wish the sun hadn't been so bright so you can see more orange...
minneapolis mn
march 30, 2014
impossible project color film for 600-type cameras

f-ing frogging

posted April 16th, 2014

things were going so well, and then i discovered a mistake, 4 rows back. i considered forging ahead but i just couldn’t live with the error — it was too noticeable. but i haven’t touched it in well over a week, knowing that frogging 4 rows could actually make it much worse. so it sits. for now.

etsy : the good machinery

posted April 15th, 2014

etsy : the good machinery : asphalt//bangle
asphalt// bangle

photo credit: the good machinery


posted April 14th, 2014

i gained 4 pounds in addition to gaining a year
duran duran dance party, chocolate cheesecake, wine+wine+wine, bloody mary brunch, pop rocks, texts, udon, niece smooches, chocolate vegan cupcakes, tulips, long dog walk… and now i’m 40.

i made stuff!

posted April 11th, 2014

last saturday night i finally made stuff! i finally made houses for the tiny houses swap. the idea formed in february, but the right night to make them was elusive. saturday afternoon i started cutting the shapes from an aspen board, by hand, with my hacksaw and mitre box, and lightly sanded the edges. my niece came over and we played and read books, and when she went to bed i poured a glass of wine and got started.

for the surface, i used the scraps of art history text pages left over from this paper house project. there’s a little picasso, matisse, klee, miro… i cut each piece with a razor blade and glued it down and once i started i couldn’t stop. i even went down to the basement to cut more houses. at 2:00 am, i had 20 houses, and i decided i’d better stop since my niece is an early riser (6:30am!). i am soooo happy with them! and i want to make more! maybe there will be a saturday in may…

orange gerberas

posted April 10th, 2014

outside a flower shop
portland or
march 24, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras


posted April 9th, 2014

love the yellow & blue
i commissioned another portrait from the wonderful kat corrigan: this is jack! he belongs my brother & sister-in-law. it’s crazy how kat can capture his personality from seeing only one photo.

etsy : milk thistle island

posted April 8th, 2014

etsy : milk thistle island : full moon sticker set
full moon stickers!

photo credit: milk thistle island etsy shop

cannon beach, or

posted April 7th, 2014

seeing the rock for the first time
orange starfish
sea anemone
a bunch of starfish
bright orange starfish
losing an arm
more rocks
looking south
haystack rock was amazing. the tide was low, and the water on the sand created a giant mirror. martha and chad walked us there, and i was finally able to see tide pools. there wasn’t a lot of sea life, but what was there was cool to see: sea anemones, bright orange and deep maroon starfish, barnacles, and 1 hermit crab. it was awesome.

looking up, again

posted April 4th, 2014

look at that blue! this film is awesome!
arlene schnitzer concert hall
portland or
march 23, 2014
impossible project color film for 600-type cameras

portland 2014

posted April 3rd, 2014

portland! krissy and i arrived in portland late in the afternoon and found a patio in the sun. we sat outside and drank IPA’s until dusk. jen & her husband pete joined us and brought us to bridgeport brewing and we ate well and drank more. waaaay too much more. the next morning i went for a run along williamette river and accidentally found the iconic portland sign, cherry blossoms, and a freaky rabbit head. then we headed to cannon beach to see haystack rock. the night before martha (i met her in seattle in 2009) noticed on facebook that i was in portland, and jokingly sent me a message asking if cannon beach was on my list for the trip. when i wrote back that was our plan for sunday, we made arrangements to meet. the drive to cannon beach was gorgeous, and martha & her husband chad met us in town and we all walked to the rock. it was awesome (more on the rock coming next week). when we got back in portland later that afternoon, we visited the food trucks, powell’s, and the deschuetes and rogue pub houses, and got tips on where to have brunch. on our last morning, i made krissy walk 4 miles round trip to stepping stone cafe so we could get a big plate of egg/hashbrowns/toast goodness. it was a great way to end the trip.

looking up

posted April 2nd, 2014

it kinda works?
space needle
seattle wa
march 21, 2014
impossible project 600 color frames

2 came out at the same time, messing up the one that was exposed …

etsy : karen kimmel

posted April 1st, 2014

etsy : karen kimmel : shape shifter / orange
shape shifter / orange.

photo credit: karen kimmel etsy shop

seattle 2014

posted March 31st, 2014

pike place market
chihuly garden and glass
kerry park
mount rainier through aurora bridge
fremont troll
morning run on the sound
seattle! krissy and i arrived late thursday evening, too late to do much but go to bed. friday we walked to pike place market, then wandered to chihuly garden and glass ($20 entrance fee!). chandler met us early in the afternoon and took us on a sightseeing tour of seattle: kerry park, 2018 nob hill (which is a gorgeous victorian home known as the “oz house”), gas works park, and then we wandered around in fremont. we had sushi there, and chandler showed us the fremont troll (and while under the bridge we could see mount rainier perfectly). we ended the day with drinks at bathtub gin & co. the next morning i went for a run so i could justify eating a top pot doughnut, and then we got our rental car and headed to portland…

hello from the east coast

posted March 28th, 2014

morning run
boston, this morning.

tiny houses!

posted March 27th, 2014

jackie sent me some of the tiny houses she made for her tiny houses swap. I WANT TO EAT THEM, that’s how much i love them!

sadly, i have not put a priority on time to make tiny houses for my swap partner. with school, creative time is rare, but i know there’s gotta be a weekend soon that i’ll have creative energy…